Schedule & Weekly Recap updated Jan 27

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As of May 1, 2021, USPA Members must wear NOCSAE-compliant helmets in all actual outdoor and arena polo games at USPA Member Clubs.

Sat Jan 28, 2pm: Arena practice

Sun Jan 29, 12pm: Arena practice

Mon Jan 30, 5pm arena game UNT men vs Texas A&M men (game rescheduled to Monday Feb 6 3pm due to weather)

Fall 2022 winners:

Congrats UNT men winners of the Cornell University William S Fields Invitational defeating Cornell 14-5 and UVA 20-10

UNT Men: Vaughn Miller Jr, John Dencker, Vance Miller III, Coach Miller

Congrats UNT Men winning D1 Texas College Polo Championship, 20-7 over UK, 13-10 over SMU

UNT Men: Coach Miller,Vaughn Miller Jr, John Dencker, Vance Miller III

Prestonwood Red winners Fall Season Finale 5-3 Nov 6

Drakes winners North Texas Open © 6-4 over Hondo

Drakes winners North Texas Open © 6-4 over Hondo

Hondo winners VCM Memorial 7-4 Oct 15 over Prestonwood

Hondo winners VCM Memorial 7-4 Oct 15 over Prestonwood

Texas winners 7-5 over OU Sat Oct 8

Texas winners 7-5 over OU Sat Oct 8

TCU winners Oct 1 4-goal round-robin over UNT & Prestonwood Red Frisco Fall Challenge Cup

TCU winners Oct 1 4-goal round-robin over UNT & Prestonwood Red Frisco Fall Challenge Cup

Prestonwood Red winners Sept 24 challenge Cup 7-6 4-6 goal

Prestonwood Red winners Sept 24 challenge Cup 7-6 4-6 goal

Prestonwood Green Winners 7-5 Sat Sept 17, 5pm fall season opener exhibition practice game on field 4-6-goal 6 chukkers

Prestonwood Green Winners 7-5 Sat Sept 17, 5pm fall season opener exhibition practice game on field 4-6-goal 6 chukkers

Fall update:

Hey All- our Fall 2022 polo will start Sat Sept 3, we’ll play outdoor on Saturdays and arena on Sundays, during the week we’ll have UNT mens arena practice on Mondays (Vaughn Jr will be flying in from Aiken for the Mon practices) and we’ll have club outdoor practice on the field Wednesdays. Fridays will be stick n ball practice and TCU select girls practice:

-Sept 3 – 11: Outdoor Practice Sat & Sun @ 10AM

Sept 17- fall season opener polo En Blanc

Sept 24 – September Challenge Cup

Oct games start 4pm

-Oct 1 – Frisco Fall Challenge

-Oct 8 – Texas vs OU Shootout

-Oct 15 – VCM Memorial

-Oct 22 – North Texas Open©

-Oct 29 – 380 Guide Cup / USPA Constitution Cup (outdoor)

Nov games start 3pm
-Nov 4 – 6 – Women’s Tournament

-Nov 11-13 Texas College Polo Championship (arena)

Spring season recap: USPA General Patton Cup Finals

Tiburon vs Celebrity Cruises for the finals of the USPA General Patton Cup. Tiburon: Collen Clark 0, Niklaus Felhaber 1, Vaughn Miller Jr 2, Mason Wroe 4, against; Celebrity Cruises: Richard Varner 0, Mariano Silva 1, Ramon Espinal 2, Nachi Viana 5. Mason Wroe came out on fire with 2 goals in the first. Ramon Espinal and Nachi Viana came back with goals of their own to make it 2.5-2 in favor of Tiburon at halftime. Mason scored in the 3rd on a beautiful give and go with Vaughn Miller Jr. Vaughn scored at the end of the 4th to ice the game 4.5-2. Tiburon wins the USPA General Patton Cup.

MVP: Niklaus Felhaber

BPP: Respeto, played by Nachi Viana

USPA General Patton Cup Day 3

Tiburon and Drakes qualified for the semi final of the USPA General Patton Cup. Felipe Viana captained the Drakes team against Tiburon captain Mason Wroe and his sidekick Vaughn Miller Jr. A defensive battle took place as both teams did not want to give an inch in this semi final matchup. It was a scoreless game until Felipe Viana converted a 60 yard penalty 4 over Tiburon’s heads in the 2nd chukker. Mason Wroe answered quickly off of a backshot pass by Vaughn. Halftime score sat at 1.5-1 Tiburon leading on handicap. Tiburon struck quickly with a goal by Mason to take a comfortable 2.5-1 lead. However, Drakes had different plans. A coast to coast run by Felipe was left just short of the goal, but his teammate Umair Kaimkhani cleaned up the trash to make it 2.5-2. As the clock winded down in the 3rd, Felipe struck a shot from 80 yards out. Drakes’ Jonathan Garnica redirected the shot into the goal for the score and taking the Drakes lead 3-2.5. With the finals on the line both teams left everything on the field. Mason Wroe scored to give Tiburon their handicap lead 3.5-3. Vaughn Miller Jr. then seemed to hit the dagger on a bomb through the uprights with a minute remaining. Captain America Felipe Viana took the game into his own hands with the final waning in the distance. He creates a foul and drains the clutch penalty 4 to make 4.5-4 Tiburon leading. Under 30 seconds left and Felipe won the throw in and ran to goal. He was going to score and win the game for Drakes, but the clock ran out in time for Tiburon to hold on. Tiburon advances to the finals.

Gusto took on undefeated Celebrity Cruises in the final bracket game. Celebrity Cruises already qualified for the final so they were looking to keep themselves tuned up with some subs as well. Gusto had yet to win a game and was going to play as if it were the finals. Nachi Viana began the scoring for cruises but was matched by Pelon Escapite. Ronnie Puente added a nice goal and Nachi answered again to make the score 3.5-2 in favor of Cruises. Vance Miller got on the board along with Ronnie again to give Gusto a 4-3.5 lead. Ramon Espinal scored to give Cruises a 4.5-4 lead heading into the 4th. Vance scored his second but was answered by Nachi to keep it 5.5-5. Pelon Escapite went beast mode and scored to give Gusto a late lead 6-5.5. A last second penalty gave Cruises a shot but it sailed just wide.

USPA General Patton Cup Day 2

Pelon Escapite, Vaughn Miller Jr, & Mason Wroe

The second day of games began with a morning game between Gusto and Tiburon. Pelon Escapite continued his epic penalty shot clinic at Prestonwood with a 60 yard penalty undefendable over everyone’s heads. Vaughn Miller Jr put in a penalty 2 to tie the game. Mason Wroe then showed why he is one of the top players in the USA. Back to back classic Mason Wroe goals gave Tiburon a 3-1 lead that they would never give up. Vaughn added to the lead with a bomb that curved in through the uprights. Mason scored another and Vance Miller got on the board after a nice hook by Ronnie Puente. Niklaus Felhaber converted a penalty 2 to extend the Tiburon lead to 6-2. Collen Clark got on the board with a penalty 2 score. Vaughn Jr tallied another and the score was 8-2 in favor of Tiburon. It wasn’t Gusto’s day but Vance and Cale Curtin managed to add a goal each to make it 8-4. Vaughn capped off his great performance with another goal the game ended 9-4.

Felipe Viana & Nachi Viana

A battle of brothers took place in our feature match of the weekend. This game would not disappoint. Nachi Viana began the war with a penalty 2 score. Felipe answered his younger brother with a goal to tie the game 1-1. The future 10 goaler, Nachi, scored two consecutive goals to hang a 3-1 lead on his brother. The supporting cast of Celebrity Cruises stepped up with Ramon “Moncho” Espinal slicing an away backshot into goal from an impossible angle. Felipe scored once more for Drakes to go into halftime only down 4-2 to the juggernaut Celebrity Cruises. In no time Nachi was on the penalty line again and converted with ease. The older brother Felipe, known as Captain America, answered with a safety penalty from the corner. Jonathan Garnica put his stamp on this game with two crucial runs to goal that were both finished by Umair Kaimkhani and the game was knotted 5 a piece. The battle of the Vianas was going to the wire and it was an all new game heading into the 4th. Both brothers wanted this one badly, and Nachi struck first. Without hesitation, Felipe tied it up again. The brothers showed up to play polo today and left our feature crowd a treat. An injury to Nachi left everyone wondering what would happen. He gets up from the injury and proceeds to score one of the greatest goals a polo player can score. Nachi drains a penalty 5 center hit with a one time nuclear bomb. A late foul gave Felipe the same exact shot with 5 seconds remaining. Could Felipe do what his brother just accomplished? Felipe opted to go full speed, he went straight line to goal and scored it at break neck speed. The only problem was that the horn blew just before the ball crossed the goal. Celebrity Cruises hung on to win 7-6, and Nachi wins the Viana brother battle.

USPA General Patton Cup Day 1

Nachi Viana & Mason Wroe

Prestonwood Polo Club began the most competitive league in Texas this spring with two phenomenal teams of Tiburon and Celebrity Cruises. Tiburon team owner Collen Clark had Mason Wroe and Vaughn Miller Jr join his team, which is one of the most dynamic American duos in Polo. They took on Celebrity Cruises’ Nachi Viana, who was recently a teammate of Mason and Vaughn in Florida where they went undefeated in the prestigious 12 goal tournaments. Nachi is recognized as a budding star and a future 10 goaler, so Prestonwood was in for a treat. Tiburon took a quick lead after Niklaus Felhaber made a nice back to Mason who drew a foul and the penalty was converted by Vaughn. Tiburon poked the bear and Nachi struck right away to tie the game. Mason Wroe answered to give Tiburon a 2.5-1 lead after the first. The second chukker was dominated by Nachi riding BPP LaToya. Back to back true coast to coast runs gave Cruises the lead and left spectators in awe. Mariano Silva made an impact for cruises with a great goal to extend the lead to 4-2.5. Nachi continued the dominance with 2 goals in the 3rd to Tiburon’s 0. A devastating 6-2.5 lead for Celebrity Cruises entering the final chukker. Mason and Vaughn dug deep and brought their team back from certain defeat. Vaughn converted a penalty and Mason scored a classic goal to quickly get themselves back into the game down 6-4.5. Vaughn converted another penalty and the game was now up for grabs. The clock winded down to 1 minute and the American duo took over. Passing back and forth Mason fed Vaughn the ball with space and Vaughn took it through the posts to give Tiburon the lead in dramatic fashion 6.5-6. With under 30 seconds remaining Tiburon had a knock in to hopefully end the game. Nachi stole the knock in riding Bitcoin, and sent the ball through the uprights over everyone’s heads. Celebrity Cruises won 7-6.5 after Nachi’s brilliant game-winner. The crowd was left jaw dropped and ready for more.

Felipe Viana & Pelon Escapite

Prestonwood’s next match would not disappoint. Felipe Viana and Pelon Escapite headlined the matchup as the two 6 goal players were slated to go head to head. Felipe Viana wasted no time as he looked to match his brothers masterful performance in the game prior. Back to back goals by Felipe atop Escaramuza gave Drakes a head start. Gusto’s Pelon Escapite was unphased and put a penalty 4 undefendable down the middle. A clinic was on display in this game of great penalty shooting by the two stars. Felipe then responded with his own perfect penalty 4 to end the first 3-1 Drakes. Pelon sent another 60 down the middle for Gusto and Chris Jones got on the board for Drakes with a lucky bounce off Pelon’s stick. Score remained a two goal deficit for Gusto 4-2. The 3rd chukker was all Gusto as they bounced back with a special chukker. Hard work by Vance and Ronnie led to a goal by Gusto team owner Cale Curtin. Pelon put two more 60’s down the middle, and gave Gusto the lead 5-4 as they went into the 4th. Unfortunately for Gusto, Pelon suffered an injury to his best horse at the start of the 4th and the momentum they obtained was zapped right out of them. Felipe, who happens to be the past Captain of Team USA in the Olympics of polo, went on a tear scoring three unanswered goal to give Drakes a two goal lead with under two minutes remaining. Gusto scored quickly with yet another penalty 4 bomb by Pelon. Time ran out and Drakes held onto the nail-biting win 7-6.Prestonwood’s next match would not disappoint. Felipe Viana and Pelon Escapite headlined the matchup as the two 6 goal players were slated to go head to head. Felipe Viana wasted no time as he looked to match his brothers masterful performance in the game prior. Back to back goals by Felipe atop Escaramuza gave Drakes a head start. Gusto’s Pelon Escapite was unphased and put a penalty 4 undefendable down the middle. A clinic was on display in this game of great penalty shooting by the two stars. Felipe then responded with his own perfect penalty 4 to end the first 3-1 Drakes. Pelon sent another 60 down the middle for Gusto and Chris Jones got on the board for Drakes with a lucky bounce off Pelon’s stick. Score remained a two goal deficit for Gusto 4-2. The 3rd chukker was all Gusto as they bounced back with a special chukker. Hard work by Vance and Ronnie led to a goal by Gusto team owner Cale Curtin. Pelon put two more 60’s down the middle, and gave Gusto the lead 5-4 as they went into the 4th. Unfortunately for Gusto, Pelon suffered an injury to his hand at the start of the 4th and the momentum they obtained was zapped right out of them. Felipe, who happens to be the past Captain of Team USA in the Olympics of polo, went on a tear scoring three unanswered goal to give Drakes a two goal lead with under two minutes remaining. Gusto scored quickly with yet another penalty 4 bomb by Pelon. Time ran out and Drakes held onto the nail-biting win 7-6.

8-Goal USPA General George S. Patton, Jr. Cup


Tiburón 3-1 (+6)

Celebrity Cruises 2-2 (0)

Drakes 1-2 (-.5)

Gusto 1-2 (-5.5)

Prestonwood Polo Club welcomes everyone to the 8 Goal USPA General George S. Patton, Jr. Cup. The tournament will feature 4 teams, playing on Thursdays and Saturdays.  Everyone will play everyone with the top two teams meeting in the finals. For week 2, the two winners will play one another and the two losers will play one another.  For week 3, teams will play the last team they have yet to play.  After bracket play, in the case of tied records, if who beat who cannot resolve the issue, then a shoot-out based on USPA guidelines will determine the outcome and who advances to the finals. Umpires will be Christian Vasquez, David Olivas, and Sidro Olivas.

Dates & Times:

Thursday, June 9th

Game 1

Celebrity Cruises defeated Tiburon 7-6

5:45 PM on Field 2

Game 2

Drakes defeated Gusto 6-5

6:45 PM on Field 2

Saturday, June 11th

Game 3

Tiburon vs Gusto

10 AM on Field 2

Game 4

Celebrity Cruises vs Drakes

6:30 PM on Field 1

Thursday, June 16th

Game 5

Gusto vs Celebrity Cruises

5:30 PM

Game 6

Tiburon vs Drakes

6:30 PM

Saturday, June 18th


Start of new tournament

May 28th Memorial Day Cup & NYTS

National Youth Tournament Series

Memorial Day Cup

The Memorial day cup started off with Hondo vs Gusto. Two very tough teams battled and the scoring began with Vance Miller capitalizing on a poor knock in by Gusto. Jonathan Garnica battled with 4 goal superstar Ulysses Escapite all chucker long due to a poor combination of horses by Gusto. Moncho and Ronnie rode their younger horses in the first chukker to get them over with quickly, but that ended up leaving Garnica and Cale alone to fend off Ulysses. Garnica was able to get the best of Ulysses once with a beautiful run on his white mare Maggie to tie the score 1-1. In the second chukker the horses were now even. Moncho and Ronnie added a new dimension to the team and Gusto looked like the winners. A great team play led to a spot hit penalty 2 in front of goal, a sure goal to take the lead for Gusto. Unfortunately the penalty rolled wide and the score remained tied. With time winding down Hondo’s offense attacked. Ulysses pressed up to midfield and then launched an unexpected precision pass to Hondo team owner James McHazlet. James, unphased by the score and little time remaining, took two shots to goal and capped it off with a neck shot through the posts. Time ran out, and James would be the game winning hero, 2-1 Hondo over Gusto.

Prestonwood now took on Gusto. Out of the gates Moncho came out right where he left off and scored from the throw in. Vaughn Miller Jr acted fast and made a nice move and neck shot hammer riding buckskin powerhouse, Cookie. Sidro Olivas knifed through defenders and found David Werntz on a breakaway. David took the pass all the way to goal and slammed it through, 2-1 Prestonwood. David had a tac malfunction and injury which led to Prestonwood being down a man. Gusto capitalized and Cale Curtin drained a penalty 3 to tie the score and redeem himself for an earlier miss. Prestonwood allowed Moncho to take another throw in to goal and gave up the lead to Gusto 3-2. Umair Kaimkhani stepped in for David Werntz for the chukker and scored to even the score. Moncho would not let off the gas and put a laser beam penalty 4 in the goal to take back the lead. Moncho, out for blood, scored yet again with a solo run to goal. 5-3 Gusto.

The final game would be Hondo vs Prestonwood. A low scoring defensive chess match took place. Prestonwood was down a man with David’s injury, leaving pros Vaughn and Sidro to take on Hondo’s pros Ulysses, Vance, and Chris Jones. A long grinding chukker was ended with superstar Ulysses Escapite assisting a “teach you a lesson” goal leaving it for Vance to walk through. Penalties proceeded to hurt Prestonwood’s chances by thwarting their own offensive attacks. Many runs to goal by Vaughn and Sidro were ended by little fouls or missed goals. Hondo benefited by the fouls and James McHazlet put in a penalty 2 to make the score 2-0 Hondo in the first. The second and final chukker was a scrappy fight that let no scores through. Many great attempts by Prestonwood went wide, and the score was final. 2-0 Hondo

MVP: James McHazlet, BPP: Sahara

Goal Standings: Vaughn: 12, Moncho: 10, Vance: 10, Jonathan: 6, Umair: 6, Ronnie: 5, Sidro: 4, Cale: 4, James: 4, Chris: 3, Mariano: 3, JB: 3, Trenton: 2, Morgan: 2, Mark: 1, Beau: 1, David: 1


Our annual NYTS comprised of two great teams with outsiders and longtime Prestonwood players. Rancho Naranjo polo team from El Paso was filled by Alec Felhaber, Cole Felhaber, Francesca Felhaber, and Julian Martinez. This El Paso squad is a longtime friend and foe of Prestonwood having played together and against in high stakes national championships for the past 10 years. The elders of Prestonwood and Rancho competed and ended up joining to win an Interscholastic championship that will remain in the history books for eternity. Prestonwood’s new I/I team of up and comers includes JB Long and Trenton Werntz, two students who started from the bottom with Prestonwood. The Prestonwood NYTS team for this game would be JB Long, new I/I team member August Schneekloth, Winnie Branscum, and Ulysses Escapite Jr. Winnie and Ulysses are two dynamite additions to the team and this game looked to be an exciting match due to the history of the teams. This past season Rancho Naranjo defeated Prestonwood in the arena, so JB and company were looking for revenge. Winnie came out on fire riding BPP Hamburgers and was everywhere in the first chukker. A backshot pass by her led to a tap in goal by August to draw first blood. August, riding Puma, scored off another pass this time on the nearside. JB Long got in on the action with a run to goal and left it for Ulysses to finish. Prestonwood came out firing with a 3-0 lead. Rancho, never doubting themselves, answered in the second chukker. A team effort train line to goal ended with Alec Felhaber touching it through. Then Francesca took over. A true coast to coast like butter and toast goal by Francesca gave Rancho the momentum. She didn’t stop there and scored another to tie the score 3-3. The epic comeback by Rancho was stalled with Ulysses making a penalty 2 conversion and giving Prestonwood breathing room, 4-3. Julian Martinez got himself on the scoreboard at the last minute and put the game into penalties. Prestonwood prevailed in the shootout with JB Long going 3 for 3 in the clutch and Winnie putting in the dagger. All-Stars were: Ulysses Escapite Jr, JB Long, Francesca Felhaber, and Winnie Branscum.


May 21st Polopalooza

Bentley 4-3 over Drakes

Polopalooza saw old friends reuniting amongst a brother on brother battle. Mark Anderson and Ramon Espinal began their polo careers together as a dynamic duo in Minnesota called Drakes. Mark would start off the scoring with a penalty 2 conversion for a 1-0 Drakes lead. Umair Kaimkhani playing for Bentley tied up the game on a difficult full speed finish with Vaughn Miller in pursuit. Cale Curtin got on the board playing the 4 position perfectly by following up and putting away the goal. A 2-1 Drakes lead was not held for long. Vance Miller evened the score with a drive to goal and a resounding finish that seemed to give Bentley the momentum. Chris Jones saved a penalty 4 from missing wide and Umair Kaimkhani put the icing on the cake for his 2nd goal of the day and Vance scored a penalty 2 to go up 4-2. Vaughn scored a penalty conversion to make it 4-3 with 3 minutes remaining. Defensive battles ensued as Drakes attacked constantly, desperately looking for a hole to penetrate the defensive wall of Vance, Chris, and Ronnie Puente. Moncho knifed towards goal on his superstar horse Sahara but rolled just wide. Vaughn hammered the ball around the field on his gamer Juanita, but to no avail. Bentley hung on to a 4-3 win. Vance Miller III named MVP, and Cale Curtin’s Nola won BPP.

MVP: Vance Miller, BPP: Nola

The second game was another defensive battle. James McHazlet began the scoring for Hondo and gave them a lead they never lost. Beau Brown scored his first goal of the season to extend the lead to 2-0. JB Long kept Prestonwood alive with a goal, but Jonathan Garnica quickly responded and the firm Hondo lead remained. Morgan McBride finished a beautiful run with a deep neck shot to give Prestonwood a chance only down 3-2. Time would run out and Hondo held victorious.

Goal Standings: Vaughn: 11, Vance: 8, Moncho: 7, Ronnie: 5, Jonathan: 5, Umair: 5, Sidro: 4, Chris: 3, Mariano: 3, Cale: 3, JB: 3, Trenton: 2, James: 2, Morgan: 2, Mark: 1, Beau: 1

May 14th Frisco Life Cup

Winners: Hondo Polo
Consolation: Waterski America


MVP: Ramon “Moncho” Espinal BPP: Sahara “Covergirl”

The finals of the Frisco Life Cup saw a tough battle between Gusto Polo and Hondo Polo with Hondo pulling off the comeback of the season. Starting with a 1 goal handicap, Gusto came out swinging. Mariano Silva, Texas A&M Polo Champion, won the first throw-in of the game and completed the play with a quick goal. He followed this up with a 60-yard bomb to build their handicap lead 3-0. Hondo stayed in the game with two penalty shot conversions by Vance Miller. Vaughn Miller Jr. extended Gusto’s lead in the second chukker with two finishes, one off a pass from Cale Curtin. Gusto’s ringer, JB Long, ended the first half with a beautiful tiki-tiki run to goal and neck shot finish to end the chukker 6-2 in favor of Gusto. Gusto all smiles at the half, and Hondo looking for what would be the biggest comeback of the season thus far. Acting quickly with Jonathon Garnica taking two straight throw-ins directly to goal and single-handedly getting Hondo back in the game 6-4. Vaughn Miller Jr. seeing a comeback looming, converted another penalty 4 that just slipped passed the tip of Garnica’s mallet. Jonathan Garnica made it a hat trick with 3 goals in the chukker on another fantastic goal, ending the chukker 7-5. The last chukker of the finals would be all Hondo, no Gusto. Hondo team owner James McHazlett would begin the fourth chukker bombardment with a 40-yard shot slicing through the uprights. MVP Ramon “Moncho” Espinal proceeded to take over on BPP “Covergirl” Sahara. Gusto had no answer for the supreme horsepower and ball control of Moncho. Three straight goals by the MVP would close out the game and his last goal sealed the deal. A center hit coast to coast goal by Moncho brought the final score 9-7 in favor of Hondo Polo. Gusto was left high-fiving and saying good game thinking, “what just happened?!” Ramon Espinal named MVP. Sahara named BPP.

The consolations of the Frisco Life Cup saw a friendly competition between Prestonwood Polo and Waterski America. Morgan McBride began the scoring with a penalty conversion. Vaughn Miller Jr. ended the chukker with an alley-oop off a pass from his dad Vaughn “Coach” Miller Sr. Ronnie Puente and Sidro Olivas both scored for Prestonwood to build a 3-1 lead heading into half time. Waterski America would dominate the second half with goals off the mallets of Vance Miller, Chris Jones, and Vaughn Miller Jr. to win a tough battle 4-3.

Goal Standings: Vaughn: 10, Moncho: 7, Vance: 6, Ronnie: 5, Jonathan: 4, Sidro: 4, Chris: 3, Mariano: 3, Umair: 3, Cale: 2, JB: 2, Trenton: 2, James: 1, Morgan: 1

May 7th Kentucky Derby

Hondo and Gusto advance to the finals

The Kentucky Derby polo day began with Gusto vs Prestonwood. Right out of the gates, like Rich Strike eyeing the Garland of Roses, young phenom JB Long sent a beautiful pass up to Vaughn Miller Jr for Gusto’s 1-0 lead. Vaughn picks up another goal on a neck shot, and Gusto puts Prestonwood on their heels. JB, making his season debut, gives his team a 3-0 advantage with his own neck shot slicing between defenders and through the uprights. Prestonwood’s Ronnie Puente would not quit and picks up his lone goal of the day on a cleanup of Sidro’s derby race to goal. Last weeks MVP Trenton Werntz made an impact with 2 straight goals, a penalty conversion and another Sidro cleanup. Just like that the game was tied 3-3. Vaughn Miller Jr and Juanita decided to take matters into their own hands and go coast to coast with a little ballerina move by Juanita mixed in, and the game was over 4-3 Gusto wins.

The second game of the day was Hondo vs Waterski America, Umair Kaimkhani was eager to get his season debut underway and started with a goal for Hondo to tie the handicapped Waterski 1-1. Ramon “Moncho” Espinal then scored twice to take the lead 3-1. Vance Miller answered with a penalty and Chris Jones added a beautiful run to goal to tie 3-3. Moncho added another, and Jonathan Garnica scored his first career goal at Prestonwood to further the advantage 5-3. Umair would seal the deal with 2 more goals. Waterski made a valient comeback down 7-3 and brought it to 7-6 with 2 goals from Vance and 1 from Chris off an assist from talented young player Niklaus Felhaber. Hondo would advance 7-6.

Goal Standings: Vaughn: 7, Moncho: 4, Vance: 4, Ronnie: 4, Sidro: 3, Umair: 3, Cale: 2, Trenton: 2, Chris: 2, Mariano 1, JB: 1, Jonathan 1

April 30th Yabe Classic

Gusto Prevails, Trenton Werntz named MVP

Gusto took on Prestonwood green to kick off the spring season, and Vaughn Miller Jr wasted no time to score the first goal of the season on Giaconda. Sidro Olivas answered quickly with a deep neck shot riding the clubs new paint horse Elvis. Sidro went right back to work with a breakaway finish on his horse Prince. Gusto held a 2-1.5 lead, but Vaughn Miller Jr took the matter into his own hands with a coast to coast goal on Juanita. Chris Jones would clear the ball out of danger and Prestonwood green held onto a 2.5-2 win against Gusto.

In the second leg of the round robin Gusto took on Prestonwood red. Ronnie Puente started off the scoring with a split second throw in run. Cale Curtin got Gusto going with a penalty conversion on his powerhouse Nola. Ronnie Puente would get his second on the board in huge fashion, a booming blast through the uprights, riding Noche. Cale Curtin was a man on a mission and finished his second goal riding Nola to match Ronnie’s 2 goals. Red thought they were in good position until Vance Miller scores and makes a game changing backshot save as Mariano Silva was about to score. Sidro went coast to coast, capping off his third goal of the day on a home run neck shot 60 yards in the air to give Gusto the win 4.5-2.

The final leg of the Yabe classic was Prestonwood red and green. Mariano Silva, Texas A&M champion, scored a tiki tiki goal on April to start off strong for red. A quick garbage cleanup by Vaughn Jr tied the game 1-1. Morgan McBride then took a run all the way to goal which led to a safety in favor of green. Vaughn Miller Jr would proceed to smoke a 60 yard penalty atop Guillermita to take a 2-1 lead. Ramon “Moncho” Espinal, who controlled the game all day long, sauced up the green team on Sahara and evened the score. Green had a sneaky .5 lead but failed to hold onto it, Ronnie Puente on Sombra took a pass from Moncho and scored to win the game. With net goals in play and all teams tied at 1-1 Gusto took the victory. Trenton Werntz was named MVP after his stellar offensive and defensive hustle for Gusto.

Goal Standings: Vaughn 4, Sidro 3, Ronnie 3, Cale 2, Moncho 1, Mariano 1, Vance 1

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Congrats UNT men winning USPA intercollegiate West Regional D1 championship defeated Texas A&M 12-6 and SMU 15-14, Sahara Best Playing Pony UNT won best String. Vaughn Miller Jr & John Dencker won All-Stars

UNT Men National Runners-up 2022

D1Nationals this week at UVA, games will be live-streamed on No polo this week at Prestonwood

WINTER 2022 (Arena Polo) Jan- March
Arena practice weather permitting Tuesday evenings & 12 noon Sat & Sun
Feb 18-20 USPA Interscholastic Regionals Houston
March 4-6 USPA DIV II intercollegiate Regionals Kaufman
March 11-13 USPA DIV I intercollegiate Regionals Houston
March 14-20 USPA Interscholastic Nationals Houston
March 22-27 USPA DIV II intercollegiate Nationals California
April- 4-10 USPA DIV I intercollegiate Nationals Virginia


SPRING 2022 (0-6 goal)

April games start 3pm

April 16 – 29: Outdoor Practice

April 30 – Yabe Polo Classic (private event)

May games start 5pm
May 7 – Polo on the Lawn Kentucky Derby Day
May 14 – Frisco Life Preakness Stakes Cup
May 21 – Polopalooza May Challenge Cup

May 28 –Memorial Day Cup (USPA NYTS)

June games start 6pm

June 4 – Belmont Stakes Cup
June 11 –  (8-goal) USPA General George S. Patton Jr Cup round 1
June 18 – (8-gal) USPA General George S. Patton Jr Cup Finals
June 25 – (14-goal) Dallas Symphony Honor Guard Cup

July games starts 7pm

July 2 – July Challenge Cup
July 4 – Patriot Cup© Season Finale & Fireworks Watch party
Polo Camp 2022 Dates

Fall 2022 (0-6 goal)

Sept games start 5pm
​Sept 1 – 11: Outdoor Practice
Sept 17 – Fall Season Opener White Dress Party
Sept 24 – September Challenge Cup

Oct games start 4pm
Oct 1 – Frisco Fall Challenge
Oct 8 – Texas vs OU Shootout
Oct 15 – VCM Memorial
Oct 22 – North Texas Open©
Oct 30 – 380 Guide Cup

Nov Games start 3pm
Nov 5 – USPA Constitution Cup (outdoor)
Nov 12- USPA Constitution Cup (Arena)

Contact coach or Vance III 469-834-2148 to sign up for chukkers


Gusto Polo: Morgan Mcbride, Ronnie Puente,Vaughn Miller Jr, Cale Curtain

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  • Tues: UNT Varsity & I/I Arena practice
  • Wens: Practice Chukkers grass
  • Thurs: off day for horses (make-up day)
  • Fri: Stick-n-ball practice / individual polo lessons
  • Sat: mornings Polo school / League play afternoons
  • Sun: TCU / UNT / Club practice
  • Sept 18: Fall Season Opener White Dress Party
  • Sept 25: September Challenge
  • Oct 2: Frisco Fall Challege
  • Oct 9: Texas OU Shoot-out
  • Oct 16: VCM Memorial
  • Oct 23: North Texas Open©
  • Oct 30: USPA Constitution Cup
  • Nov 6-7: Texas College Polo Championship
  • Nov 13-14: Womens US OPen (Houston)
  • Nov 22: I/I Tournament (TBD)
  • Fall 2021 results
  • Sept 18 season opener
  • Fall 2021 results
  • Tx polo winners round-robin 6-goal

Spring 2021 Results

Sunday July 4 – Patriot Cup Spring Season Finale

Patriot Cup 4-goal Winners: Gusto Polo L-R: Cale Curtin, Vaughn Miller Jr, Lalo Ramirez, Morgan Tennant
Dallas Symphony Honor Guard Polo Club winners: Gusto Polo
2021-2022 DSOL Debutantes

Sun May 30: Finals & Consolation USPA Gen. George S. Patton Jr Cup SW Circuit, check out the great photos by Duane Ronan TD Pro Photo

USPA Gen. George S. Patton Jr Cup SW Circuit – La Paloma over Gusto Polo 7-5
L-R: Richard Varner, Vaughn Miller Jr, Vance Miller III, Morgan McBride
MVP: Vance Miller III, BPP: Hamburgers-Sidro Olivas

Prestonwood Red over Prestonwood Green 7-5.
Gusto Polo over Rancho 5-4

USPA NYTS Qualifier – UNT winners 4-3 over TCU
USPA NYTS All-stars: JB Long, Winne Branscum, Trenton Werntz, Francesca Felhaber

Finals: Prestonwood 14 – Ranch 3

Preakness Stakes Cup

4-8 Goal winners, Prestonwood Green 7-6

0-2 goal round-robin winners Girls Rock 4-2 over Tx Polo

Prestonwood Arena Masters – May 13- 21:

  • Round 1 – May 13 results:
  • Prestonwood 6 – WaterSki 2
  • Rancho 5 – WaterSki 3
  • Prestonwood 9 – Rancho 1
  • Round-robin 2: Wens May 19, 5pm
  • Finals: Fri May 21, 5pm

May 8 – Frisco Life Cup

6-8 Goal winners, Prestonwood 4-2
0-2 Goal winners tie: Gusto Polo 2 – Texas Polo 2

May 1 – Polo on the Lawn (Arena)

March 31-April 24: Outdoor grass practice
May 1 – Polo on the Lawn Kentucky Derby Day
May 8 – Frisco Life Cup
May 15 – Preakness Stakes Cup
May 22 – May Challenge Cup / (NYTS tentative)
May 30 – Memorial Day Weekend Military Cup
June 5 – Belmont Stakes Cup
June 12 – Patriot Cup©
June 19 – Dallas Symphony Honor Guard Cup
June 27 – June Challenge Cup
July 4 – Fireworks Watch Party Season Finale
Polo Camp 2021 Dates: June 1-5, June 7-11, June 14-18

Sept 4 – 11: Outdoor Practice
Sept 18 – Fall Season Opener White Dress Party
Sept 25 – September Challenge Cup
Oct 2 – Frisco Fall Challenge
Oct 9 – Texas vs OU Shootout
Oct 16 – VCM Memorial
Oct 23 – North Texas Open©
Oct 30 – USPA Constitution Cup / 380 Guide Cup
Nov 3-7 USPA Texas College Polo Championships

Jan 15-18: NYTS Championship & PTF in Florida
Jan 23-24: Arena practice at Prestonwood
Jan 29-31: Texas Arena League
Feb 6-7: Arena practice at Prestonwood
Feb 12-14: Cancelled – Texas Arena League
Feb 20-21: Arena practice at Prestonwood
Feb 26-28: Texas Arena League
March 6-7: Brookshire I/I Challengd Cup (Central Interscholastic Regional)
March 12-14: Texas Arena League Austin
March 19-21: Texas Arena League Houston

Fall 2020 Results

Dec 5-6: USPA Arena Constitution Cup SW Circuit

  • Results:
  • Game 1: WaterSki America 11 vs Morgan Stanley 10
  • Game 2: Prestonwood Green 9 vs Prestonwood Red 12
  • Consolation: Prestonwood Green 6 vs Moran Stanley 9
  • Finals: WaterSki America 9 vs Prestonwood Red 13 WINNER
  • MVP: Vance Miller III
  • BPP: Paloma – Umair Kaimkhani
  • Leading scorers in the tournament:
  • Vance Miller III – 17 Tie
  • Vaughn Miller Jr – 17 Tie
  • Ronnie Puente – 8
  • Sidro Olivas – 7
  • John Dencker – 6
  • Coach Miller – 6
Winners: Prestonwood Red
MVP Vance Miller III
BPP: Paloma

Nov 15 – I/I Arena Cup winners La Dolfina Polo Ranch, Vance Miller III MVP

Nov 7 – North Texas Open© outdoor season finale, Prestonwood Green over Prestonwood Red 7-3, remains undefeated! Great photos by TD Pro:

Nov 1 – USPA Constitution Cup winners Prestonwood Green over WaterSki America 9-4.5, MVP Vaughn Miller Sr, BPP Angela owned by Vaughn Miller Sr

Oct 24 – TCU Challenge Cup winners, TCU Dark over TCU White 6-5, golden goal by Chris Jones assist by Trenton Werntz!

Oct 19 – VCM Memorial, Prestonwood Green over Prestonwood Red, 6-5, golden goal game winner by Coach Miller!

Oct 10 – TX OU Shootout, Texas over OU 6-5

Oct 3 October Challenge Cup Prestonwood Green 8-6 over Prestonwood Red, great photos by TD Pro Photo:

Sat Sept 26: Prestonwood Red winner 3-2 over Prestonwood Green in OT shoot-out

Spring 2020

July 4 Independence Cup: Winners Morgan Stanley 7-6 in OT shoot-out! Great photos from TD Pro Photo:


July 4 Independence Cup 4-6 Goal Season Finale (4 chukkers)

Ump: George Olivas / David Olivas,  Timer: Ralph, Announcer: Dave Werntz, Scoreboard: Will 

Prestonwood Red (5)Morgan Stanley (5)
4 Coach Miller (2)4 Sidro Olivas (3)
3 Vaughn Miller Jr (1.5)3 Andrew Scott (1)
2 Chris Jones (1)2 Dan Faherty (1)
1 David Werntz (A+)1 Umair Kaimkhani (A)
0-2 Goal (2 chukkers)
TCU WhiteTCU Dark
4 Vaughn Miller Jr 4 Sidro Olivas
3 Morgan McBride3 JB Long
2 Kaylin Bender2 TJ Mundheim
1 Cale Curtain1 Trenton Werntz
Prestonwood Cup 2-4 goal
UNT (2)WaterSki America (3)Morgan Stanley (3)
Vance Miller III (1)Sidro Olivas (3)Ulysses Escapite (4)
Andrew Scott (1)Chris Jones (1)Coach Miller (2)
David Werntz (A+)Umair Kaimkhani (A)JB Long (B)
Kaylin Bender (B+)Trenton Werntz (B)Cale / TJ  (B-)

Sat June 13: Patriot Cup© Finals TCU winner 5-2 over Prestonwood 


Sat June 6: Patriot Cup©  Round 1 results

  • Prestonwood 3  – UNT 1
  • TCU 4 – Morgan Stanley 2

Sun June 7: Patriot Cup © round 2 on Field 3

  • TCU 2.5 vs UNT 2
  • Morgan Stanley 4 vs Prestonwood 4.5

Wens June 10: Patriot Cup© Round 3 at 6:00pm on Field 2.  This will be a fun game since TCU & Prestonwood have advanced to the final.  We will play alternating chukkers using new British Rules

  • Chukker 1,3,5,7: TCU 4 VS Prestonwood 4 (tied)
  • Chukkers 2,4,6,8: Morgan Stanley 3 VS UNT 2

Sat May 30 5:30pm May Challenge Cup  on Field 1, Umpire: David Olivas:

Round-Robin 6 chukkers
UNTMorgan StanleyTCU  winner 2-1, 2-0
Sidro  1,2,5,6Vance 1,2,3,4Vaughn Jr 3,4,5,6
Coach 1,2,5,6Chris 1,2,3,4Morgan 3,4,5,6
TJ 1,5JB 1,2,4Athena 3,4,5,6
Cale 2,6David 1,3,4Kaylin 3,4,5,6
Umair 1,2,5,6Trenton 2,3 

Fri May 15: Armed Forces Cup:

  • 5:30pm Game 1 on Field 3: Texas Polo winner over vs Morgan Stanley 5-3
  • 6:30pm Game 2 on Filed 3: TCU/Prestonwood winner over Oklahoma 4-2 

Sat May 16: all polo cancelled due to rain 

Sun May 17: all polo cancelled due to rain 

Congrats UNT men winner of IC Central Region championship advances to Nationals, defeated SMU 11-6, Tx Tech 25-3. All-stars Vance Miller III & Vaughn Miller Jr, Defensive MVP Andrew Scott.


Congrats TCU women winner of IC Prelims defeating TX Tech 18-7 & OSU 12-11, advancing to Regionals March 6-8

2020 Spring semester Intercollegiate practice schedule:

  • UNT Club practices: Thus & Sat
  • TCU Club practices: Fri & Sun

2020 I/I Schedule

  • Jan 25 UNT men vs A&M men (here)
  • Feb 15 UNT men vs A&M men (there)
  • Feb 21-23 IC Central Prelims @ Kaufmann
  • March 6-8 IC Central Regionals @ Brookshire
  • IC Nationals @ UVA TBD 

2020 Spring Outdoor Schedule (tentative)

  • May 2 – Polo on the Lawn (Spring Season Opener)
  • May 9 – Corporate Cup
  • May 16 – Preakness Stakes Cup
  • May 23 – May Challenge Cup
  • May 30 – Memorial Cup (NYTS Tournament)
  • June 6 – Belmont Stakes Cup
  • June 13 – Patriot Cup© (4-8 Goal tournament June 9-14)
  • June 20 – Spring Season Outdoor Finale
  • June 27– Prestonwood Arena Cup Finals Under the Lights (12-Goal Arena tournament)

2020 Fall Outdoor Schedule

  • Sept 9 – 19 Outdoor practice begins Wens & Sat
  • Sep 26 – White Dress Party (Fall Season Opener)
  • Oct 3 – October Challenge Cup
  • Oct 10 – Texas OU Shootout
  • Oct 17 – VCM Memorial 
  • Oct 24 – TCU vs UNT Challenge Cup
  • Oct 31 – 380 Guide Cup
  • Nov 7 –  North Texas Open©

Congrats UNT Mens team for sweeping SMU 17-6 and 13-10 in Fall 2019 USPA Intercollegiate qualifying games


  • Nov 2: TCU 6 – UNT 3
  • Nov 6: Morgan Stanley 4 – WaterSki America 1
  • Nov 9: Finals TCU 4 – Morgan Stanley 3
  • Nov 9: Consolation – Tie – UNT 3 – WaterSki America 3

Congrats to our own Vaughn Miller Jr playing for Tonkawa this Fall in the Houston 10-goal league, Vaughn named MVP in 9-8 victory in the USPA H.Ben Taub Memorial Finals and winning the trifecta all three 10-goal tournaments, the Taub Memorial, Beal Cup & Texas Open :

Congrats to Prestonwood Players Vance Miller III & Johann Felhaber for making 2019 USPA NYTS Championship teams:


Results June 4-8 goal league Patriot Cup, congrats to winners: TCU, MVP: Vaughn Miller Jr

  • June 8: UNT 5 – TCU 4 in OT
  • June 11: Morgan Stanley 7 – Prestonwood 6
  • June 15: TCU 8 – Morgan Stanley 5
  • June 15: Prestonwood 5 – UNT 4
  • June 22: TCU 6 – Prestonwood 5
  • June 23: Morgan Stanley 7 – UNT 6
  • June 29: Consolation UNT 6 – Prestonwood 5
  • June 29: Finals TCU 5 – Morgan Stanley 4


  1. TCU 2-1 (+3)
  2. Morgan Stanley 2-1 (-1)
  3. UNT 1-2 (-1)
  4. Prestonwood 1-2 (-1)

Leading scorers:

  1. Vaughn Miller Jr 11
  2. Jack Whitman 11
  3. Dennys Santana 11
  4. Pelon Escapite 8
  5. Sidro Olivas 6
  6. Vance Miller III 6
  7. Ronnie Puente 5
  8. Johann Felhaber 4
  9. Andrew Scott 4
  10. Niklaus Felhaber 4
  11. Chris Jones 3
  12. Coach Miller 2
  13. David Werntz 2
  14. Trenton Werntz 2

Results June 9-12 Goal Prestonwood Arena Cup, congrats to winners: UNT, MVP Vaughn Miller Jr

June 13:

  • UNT 14 – Prestonwood Green 13
  • Prestonwood Red 16 – TCU 12

June 20

  • Prestonwood Green 11 – TCU 7

June 21

  • UNT 8 – Prestonwood Red 7

June 30

  • Finals: UNT 19 – Prestonwood Green 13


  1. UNT 2-0 (+2)
  2. Prestonwood Green 1-1 (+3 / 24 gross)
  3. Prestonwood Red 1-1 (+3 / 23 gross)
  4. TCU 0-2 (-8)

Leading scorers:

  1. Vaughn Miller Jr 24
  2. Pelon Escapite 13
  3. Sidro Olivas 13
  4. Jack Whitman 12
  5. Ronnie Puente 11
  6. Vance Miller III 9
  7. Coach Miller 9
  8. Niklaus Felhaber 5
  9. David Werntz 3
  10. Dennys Santana 2
  11. Andrew Scott 2
  12. Chris Jones 1

Results May 2019 4-goal League: Finals & Consolation rained out

  1. Morgan Stanley 2-0 (+3)
  2. Prestonwood 1-1 (+1)
  3. TCU 1-2 (-1)
  4. UNT 1-2 (-3)

May 4

  • Morgan Stanley 5 – TCU 4
  • Prestonwood 4 – UNT 2

May 15

  • UNT 7 – TCU 6

May 24

  • Morgan Stanley 2 – UNT 0

May 25

  • TCU 5 – Prestonwood 4


April 27: NYTS & Season Opener & Draw

May Events

  • May 4:  Polo on the Lawn Kentucky Derby Day (4-goal League begins)
  • May 11: Frisco Life Cup
  • May 18:  Preakness Stakes Cup
  • May 25: May Challenge Cup

June Events

  • June 1 / 2:  Top Pony Cup (4-goal League Finals & Consolation)
  • June 8:  Belmont Stakes Cup (4-8 goal league begins)
  • June 15:  Fathers Day Cup
  • June 22 & 23: Dallas Symphony League Honor Guard Cup
  • June 29: Patriot Cup (4-8 Goal League Finals)

July 4: Fireworks Watch Party & Outdoor Exhibition Game Season Finale



  • Semis: Prestonwood 13 – Willow Bend 8
  • Finals: Prestonwood 10 – Houston 6


  • Semis: Prestonwood 24 – Lakeside 2
  • Finals: Prestonwood 13 – Houston 11



2019 Central Region Championship (March)

  • UNT 31 – OSU 0
  • UNT 12 – SMU 11
  • UNT 12 – A&M 13

2019 National Championship (April)

  • Quarter finals: UNT 27 – CAL POLY 3
  • Semi finals: UNT 6 – UVA 23


The Prestonwood Polo schedule varies Seasonally and subject to weather, we have a heavier schedule in the Fall & Spring to take advantage of good weather,  generally it looks like this:

  • Wens
  • Fri
  • Sat
  • Sun (TCU)

April, May & June: (Outdoor)

July/Aug: (Outdoor/Arena)

Sept, Oct, Nov: (Outdoor

Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb: (Arena)

March/April: (Arena/Outdoor)

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